AERIN Beauty : Little Luxury


The smell of fresh gardenia is one that always reminds me of being home in the south. It’s refreshing, crisp and simply makes you feel good. To this day, my mom still cuts a fresh gardenia bloom from the garden and places it in a little vase beside my bed whenever I’m back in Charleston to visit. It really is the little things in life.

Smelling AERIN Beauty’s Gardenia Rattan perfume instantly took me back to spring and summers in Georgia. Perfume is the perfect little luxury to me and the best way to start my day on the right (good smelling!) foot or for an evening spritz before date night. You know those perfumes that seem to disappear once you spray them? This isn’t one of them. I love that this actually lingers throughout the day. There are so many amazing scents that would make perfect gifts or added to an ever-growing wish list. The Ikat Jasmine and Waterlilly Sun are two other personal favorites if you’re looking for a new scent this season!

Aerin Gardenia Perfume

palm phone case c/o / beaded bracelets / gold cuff

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