Why I Love Essential Oils

doterra oils

My close group of  friends and I all owe our obsession with essential oils to one of my best friend’s, Maggie. Every trip post college that we have been on she’s packed up her little glass bottles of doTERRA oils for a multitude of uses. Lately I feel like oils have taken over the internet, but I didn’t really know a lot about them and what they can do until the past few months. doTERRA are the ones that I now use and swear by. Each oil is certified pure therapeutic grade, meaning they’re both pure and potent.

I thought it’d be helpful and fun to break it down with the three most used oils and what I use them for.

lemon doterra essential oil

Lemon:  If you want to start with oils and don’t know where to really begin, this is the one for you. doTERRA sources their lemon from Sicily, Italy and is my personal favorite. It’s packed with so many benefits such as naturally cleansing the body and helping with digestion, supporting healthy respiratory function and can be used as a non-toxic cleaning product.

We all know how good for you lemon water is, but the lemons cut up in restaurants always make me a little nervous. Do you really know where they’ve been or what germs are sitting on them? When traveling I bring the lemon bottle with me (it’s tiny) and add a drop to my water glass. You can also add a couple of drops to warm water with honey to help soothe an irritated throat and boost your immune system.

Peppermint doterra essential oils

Peppermint: I love the way this oil always re-energizes me. If you already have the lemon oil, you can add a drop of this to the lemon water for a natural mouth wash. Benefits of peppermint include healthy respiratory function and clear breathing (helps with seasonal threats so much!), promoting good digestive health and can even be used to repel bugs naturally.

This little bottle is great to carry around if you get head tension. Rub a drop or two on your temples for relief!

Lavender doterra essential oil

Lavender: The smell of amazing spa’s around the world. doTERRA sources their lavender from the Provence region of France and is easily my second favorite oil. After a stressful day I reach for the lavender for it’s calming qualities. Grab a glass of wine, light the candles and add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath for relaxation. You can also put some of the oil on your pillows, bedding, or the bottom of your feet before bed. We had lavender diffusing as we got ready for all of the weddings this year. It really helped keep the space calm and relaxed (#hippiechic).

Crazy dog mom moment: when Oliver wasn’t sleeping through the night, Maggie suggested putting a drop of lavender on each paw before bedtime. We’ve been doing it nightly ever since and not only is he sleeping through the night, he isn’t whining as he falls asleep. It’s just like the Budweiser football commercial with superstitions. It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work. 😉

I have the introductory kit that was only $27 for all 3 of the above and find that those are ones I use consistently. Next up to purchase is a diffuser so I can have lavender going while we fall asleep or during an at home spa night!

*Use this link to purchase from the site without having an id/password

disclaimer: this isn’t a sponsored post nor do I profit from anything purchased. It’s just a product I use and love!