Weekend +Links

Helloooo weekend! Today is Falcon’s Day in Atlanta and I’m pretty sure everyone is gearing up to cheer on our football team on Sunday! The impending rain can’t hold us back. Keeping it short and sweet this week since things have been a little crazy around here. Hoping each of you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

favorite links:
+ 5 wordpress plugins to install right away
+ An interesting read on the ‘new sugar rules
+ These homemade mac & cheese recipes have me ready to up my game
+ This post makes me want to really organize everything in my house (love the tips on her blog!)

sales & deals:
+ A classic little shoulder bag for when you only want to carry the basics
+ Bralettes are so easy to wear and these are 60% off!
+ Can’t believe this check scarf is already on sale when there’s plenty of time to wear it
+ Major ankle bootie love for this pair