My Favorite Healthy Salads Recipes

Loaded Detox Salad
(recipe here)
Lunch is my least favorite meal to prepare, so I usually opt for an easy recipe that I can make on Sunday and pull out throughout the week. The key is to reserve the dressing in another container (mason jars work great for this) so the greens don’t wilt. They’re all made with fresh, good for you ingredients that will fill you up and won’t leave you feeling guilty for indulging.

These are four salad recipes that I make on a regular basis for Brian and I and each one is packed with flavor. We’ll also grill chicken and save it to add lean protein on top as needed.

Farro, Kale and Pistachio Salad
recipe here

Crunchy Asian Salad
recipe here
favorite salad recipe
Quinoa and Chickpea Tabbouleh
recipe here