La Mer dupe — Is this it?

Nivea Creme vs La Mer

When it comes to skincare I’m willing to spend a little more if a product truly does what it claims. However, finding a La Mer dupe would definitely help my budget out. I like to keep things simple with face wash and use the ol’ standby, Cetaphil.  Eye creams and moisturizers I’m comfortable spending more on since I know they’re sinking into my skin and staying on longer than a quick rinse. However, I’m not a quick sell when it comes to people pushing $150+ face serums. I like to do my research, compare options and really see if it’s worth the cost.

Earlier this week my skin went from combination/oily to dry. Very dry. My normal moisturizers and even face oils weren’t doing anything to combat the dryness and with engagement pictures next weekend, I needed to get this under control. It was then that I started reading about Nivea Creme. With many of the same ingredients as La Mer and raving reviews I knew it was worth trying. Products that have reviews from women in there 60’s who’ve been loyal to a product for twenty plus years is one that peaks my interest. This article was a great example of comparing La Mer to Nivea Creme and the benefits of each.

Last night I picked up a jar of Nivea Creme from the grocery store and used it over the dry spots on my face. Be forewarned, the lotion is very thick. Take a pea size amount on your fingertips and rub it between your hands to warm up and loosen the creme. From there, apply to any dry patches. It was so hydrating and calmed the dryness in minutes.
I’ll check back in in a month on if it’s a La Mer dupe and report back on the effectiveness of the cream. I plan on using it at night since it’s on the thicker side and will absorb by morning.

Have any of y’all heard the comparisons or tried either product? I have no doubt La Mer is amazing, but if I can find something that’s almost as good, or even offers great results, for a fraction of the price, why not give it a shot?

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